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Take Mindful Action 먹튀검증사이트

Overthinking is usually a pointless activity, so why not

turn that energy into structured thinking and then


When your thoughts are cluttered, do something

positive that will distract you from negative thoughts.

Just about anything that requires some brain power

and focus will do the trick, but we suggest you take

mindful action?action that focuses on your values,

goals, or priorities 먹튀.

A quick way to do this is to define your goals, which is

something we discuss in the next section. In fact, one

of the first mindful actions you could take is to define

your values and priorities for the next year.

Some other ideas that you might try include:


Practicing an instrument

Constructing something by hand

Painting or drawing

Working on a complex problem


Memorizing something

Practicing a speech

Designing something from scratch

All of these activities require focus and some level of

mental challenge, which helps prevent you from falling

back into random overthinking or worry.

#4. Set a Worry Timer

You can’t completely break the worry habit. There will

be times when you’re flooded with such powerful

negative thoughts that no amount of self-talk or

distraction works.

But even during these times, you don’t have to fall

headfirst into the quicksand of negative thinking. You

can limit the amount of time you spend in your head so

you don’t sink so far you can’t easily get out.

Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes and allow yourself to

stress over whatever enters your mind. Get it all out!

Take this time to express all of the bottled up feelings

and thoughts. In fact, during your “worry time,” you

might even write down your thoughts in a journal.

Writing in longhand helps you process your thoughts

and can often lead to a creative solution to your


When the timer goes off, get up and do something

distracting (as suggested in the previous strategy) to

help you taper off of this worry time. If you find one

worry session isn’t enough, plan for one early in the

day and one later in the afternoon. When you start to

get back into your head in between sessions, remind

yourself to hold off until the next one.

Final Thoughts on Decluttering Your


You may not use all of these strategies for training your

mind to work more constructively, but they give you an

arsenal of tools to choose from so you’re prepared.

Barrie has found the ability to challenge thoughts and

recognize how they don’t always reflect reality to be

particularly helpful in reducing worry and


You’ll discover which of these practices work best for

you and the mental clutter that often occupies your

mind. Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself falling

back into old patterns. With any new behavior, you

have to practice regularly before it becomes more


Now, let’s switch gears by talking about the importance

of identifying your “why” and how it can eliminate

many of the mental obstacles that occur and

streamline your life where you focus on what matters

most to you.


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