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토토사이트 Setting goals is critical

Warrior/Champions set out to turn their dreams

into reality by taking action through goal setting. Often,

personal growth and peak performance are directly

related to how well an athlete has mastered goal-setting

skills 먹튀검증업체. Mental athletes are goal-oriented. They have


When an athlete complains of lacking motivation,

you can be sure that it’s almost always caused by goals

that fail to inspire him to action. Goals serve to keep you

on target. They increase the desire to achieve. Goals

increase your self-confidence as you experience

measurable improvement. With proper goal setting, the

quality of practice sessions automatically improves.

Goals enhance performance, and help create


While setting your own, private goals, be sure that

they are both challenging and realistic. Slightly out-of-

reach goals are best: inspiring hard work, yet still

attainable with dedicated effort. Goals need to be set

neither too high, nor too easy and low-which would

defeat their very purpose. Goals should be written down

and reviewed frequently. Goals should come in the

forms of daily goals, monthly goals and annual goals,

and remember that what you are striving for is progress

rather than perfection. Believe me, as you begin to focus

on meaningful, specific goals, the power of your hidden

reserves will be unleashed and good things will begin to


I well remember when I came to meet Leo-tai with

“Goals 1 to 25” neatly transcribed which I proudly

showed him.

Leo-tai stroked his chin.

“Hmmm,” is all he said and I was instantly on the

defensive. (Hmmm with Leo-tai never meant, “Well


“What do you mean?” I demanded. “Aren’t those

good goals? If I achieve those rankings, I’d be one of the

top kick-boxers on the scene.”

kitchen, and returned with two green teas. “My friend,”

he asked, “are these your goals or did you have help in

deciding upon them?”

I wondered how that might be bad.

“Listen, Daniel-san. Goals are most meaningful

when they are what you truly want for yourself, not what

others want for you.”

“OK, but I do want these goals,” I objected, a little


“Secondly,” he said, paying no attention at all,

“what’s this you have written here, ‘Don’t lose in the

early rounds at nationals.’ “

“What’s wrong with that?”

Leo-tai shook his head.

“How many times must I remind you that you must

make sure to state your goals in a way that emphasizes

what you want to happen, not what you want to avoid.

This ‘don’t lose in the early rounds’ is not a goal at all,

it’s fearful.”

I looked at the 25 things I’d written down more

carefully now. Around a quarter of them were negative-

orientated. I scrunched the paper into a ball and having

let the paper fly; I made a perfect goal, straight into the


“So what am I supposed to do then?”

Leo-tai beamed.

“There is nothing wrong with your goals, but you

must lay them out thoughtfully. Ask yourself what you

want to accomplish over the next two or three years.

Make these your long-term goals. Give them a

completion date.”

“Right. And then?”

“Then think of at least three things that you want to

achieve within the next year. Make these your short-

term goals. Give them a completion date,” he told me.

“And then what?” I asked him.

“Then decide what it is that you can do every month

to help you accomplish your short-term goals,” he said.

“Write these down. These are your monthly goals. Give

them a completion date too.”

“Set daily goals, that help you achieve monthly

goals, that help you achieve your short-term goals, which

in turn help you achieve your long-term goals. When

your goals fit together this way and you set off to

accomplish them, you make progress. But first you must

make sure it’s your dream and not anybody else’s dream

-this is the way forward. Any more tea?” he asked.

“No, thanks,” I said. I was busy thinking about what

he had given me. With this framework it all seemed

comparatively simple. I found myself consumed with

the desire to start listing my goals over again, more

patiently, more logical, more perfectly.

“Do it now,” Leo-tai urged me. “Use the guidelines

and the system of goal setting I just described for you. I

challenge you to create your plan. Start right now and

point yourself in the right direction by taking the steps

necessary to begin to accomplish your goals and


Leo-tai poured himself more tea.

“Think deeply. Decide why accomplishing your

goals is important. Create plans. Take action.

Everything you need is inside of you, inside your very

dreams. Goals represent your dreams along a timeline,

showing you the steps needed to achieve your success.

Remember that every journey is taken step by step. So

start thinking. Be creative, take risks, try things, and

most importantly, set your goals before you - Believe in

your ability to accomplish them. If I were you, I would

start right now.”

For the next few days, I was busy thinking and

dreaming. I took his lesson seriously. I have never

regretted having done so.

Remember: Setting goals is critical because

they help you achieve. They represent your

dreams along a timeline and help you to



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