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Maximizing your fertility

To increase your chances of being successful

when you’re trying to conceive, here are some

simple do’s and don’ts.


Make healthy lifestyle choices. Maintain a

healthy weight, include physical activity in

your daily routine, eat a healthy diet, limit

caffeine and keep stress under control.

These same good habits will serve you and

your baby well during pregnancy. Have sex

regularly. For healthy couples who want to

conceive, frequent intercourse may be all it

takes to become pregnant. Have sex once a

day or every other day near the time of

ovulation. Daily intercourse during the days

leading up to ovulation may increase your

odds of becoming pregnant. Although a

man’s sperm concentration will drop

slightly with daily sex, the reduction isn’t

usually an issue for healthy men. Consider

preconception planning. Your care provider

can assess your overall health and help

identify lifestyle changes that may improve

your chances for a healthy pregnancy.

Preconception planning is especially helpful

if you or your partner have any health issues

that could affect your ability to become

pregnant 먹튀검증.


Stress. Sometimes, trying to conceive can

seem more like work than fun. Try not to

become stressed if you don’t get pregnant

right away or even after the first two or

three tries. Even with optimum timing, your

chances of getting pregnant in a given cycle

are about 50 percent at the most, and often

closer to 25 to 30 percent. With frequent

sex, most healthy couples conceive within

one year. Smoke. Using tobacco may affect

hormone levels, which could cause changes

in the cervical mucus and make it difficult

for sperm to reach the egg. Smoking may

also increase the risk of miscarriage,

decrease birth weight and deprive your

developing baby of oxygen and nutrients. If

you smoke, ask your care provider to help

you quit before conception. E-cigarettes

aren’t a safe alternative, as the nicotine they

contain still poses serious health risks.

Drink alcohol. Alcohol may reduce fertility

and, if you do conceive, may be harmful to

the fetus. Take medication without your

care provider’s OK. Certain medications

may not be safe when you’re trying to

conceive. Others may not be safe once

you’re pregnant.

Lifestyle Healthy lifestyle choices during

pregnancy are essential. Your care provider will

likely discuss the importance of eating a healthy

diet, getting regular exercise and getting

adequate sleep. Good nutrition and exercise

create the ideal environment for creating a

healthy baby. If you’re a snack-food junkie, you

might give up some of the junk food before you

become pregnant and replace it with healthy

fruits, vegetables and hearty whole grains. If

your idea of exercise is a short jaunt from your

car to work, make it a point to go for a walk or

bike ride each day, or sign up for an exercise or

yoga class. This will help prepare your body for


If you’re underweight or overweight, your care

provider may recommend addressing your

weight before you conceive. As you prepare for

pregnancy, it’s also important that you avoid

alcohol, illegal drugs and exposure to toxic

substances. If you smoke, ask your care provider

about resources to help you quit.


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