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Performance Enhancement Specialist 먹튀검증사이트

Nick Grantham

In the 1960s, researchers at Stanford University

conducted a series of experiments to demonstrate whether

children chose to delay gratification for greater rewards. After

completing a simple task, each child was offered either a single

marshmallow immediately or two marshmallows after a brief

delay. Not surprisingly, those who elected to wait for two

marshmallows demonstrated higher degrees of success in

other areas of life than the kids who stuffed their faces straight


How is this relevant to sport? Well, you could say that

both athletes and coaches encounter marshmallows every day.

Quick fixes sound good. They promise easy gains in exchange

for minimal effort. But the truth is and always has been that

healthy, enduring progress requires work and time. That’s why

we must understand and respect the laws of delayed

gratification if we are to achieve our career goals and enjoy

long term success 먹튀검증.

It’s harder now than ever before. We live in a time and

place that offers anything we want almost instantly. A quick

Google search provides instant answers. We can stream music.

We can procure instant credit online. If we want something,

we can get it almost immediately! But none of that changes the

fact that training and the adaptations we are chasing take

time. You can’t lift once and expect to be stronger. You can’t

train for a couple of weeks and expect to be a first-round pick.

You can’t eat clean for a few days and expect rippling abs.

If you want lasting success, you need to put the work in

today, knowing that you may not see the rewards until much

later. Discipline promises outcomes that nothing else can


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results until later?

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