Correct 토토베팅사이트 Clothing Choices

Kayaking does not call for special clothing, but there are some general

principles that should be kept in mind when dressing for your

kayaking experience. For a short paddle around a pond or limited

excursion along a lake shore or beach, a bathing suit should be enough,

perhaps with a t-shirt over top. For extended paddling, however, it is good

to follow the ‘3 Ws’ ? wicking, warmth and weather.

Synthetic materials are the best because of their ability to dry quickly,

provide warmth and remain comfortable in the sitting position and while

rotating your upper body as you paddle. There are numerous options for

this first layer of clothing that include long and 먹튀 short sleeves and fabrics

with UV and bug protection built in. The purpose is to ‘wick’ the remove

moisture from the body. Under garments are also available with wicking


Warmth is something you need to consider, even if it is a warm day. If not

needed at first, clothing for warmth should be put into an airtight bag and

stowed where it is accessible if it is needed. Since it is likely that you will

get wet at some point on an excursion, having an extra set of dry clothes is

a good idea. Extra layers of warmth as well as head to toe coverage need to

be considered in cooler weather. Remember ? the air may not feel cool, but

the water can cause hypothermia quickly.

Even if the weather forecast calls for sunny skies, you never can tell,

especially on the water. At the least, you will get splashed as you paddle, so

a water proof jacket is never a bad idea. You need to consider the wind and

the likelihood of precipitation and be prepared. A cagoule is a special

paddling jacket that comes in long and short sleeves that prevents water

from getting under your clothes or through the deck skirt.

Footwear is also something to consider while kayaking. For the beginner,

tennis shoes or sturdy sandals with straps should be enough. You will want

to protect your feet from hidden dangers under water as well as rocks on

the shore. Water shoes and neoprene booties are available that help keep

out sand and stay on your feet better than other types of footwear.

Additional Accessories

Many other items can help make your kayaking trip more comfortable. You

probably want to consider sun glasses to protect your eyes from the intense

sun and the glare from the water. A hat or visor can help shield your face

and sunscreen should be applied to all exposed skin. Even cool or overcast

days can set the stage for sunburn. A water bottle or two are always a good


For specific situations, there are also specific pieces of equipment to

consider. A helmet should always be worn for kayaking in white water. It

is also a good idea if there is any chance of encountering rapids. It is easy

to hit your head on an obstacle if you capsize so a helmet can protect you

from severe injury.

A spray skirt is handy for rough water where you are likely to take on

water into the kayak. The spray skirt fits around the paddler’s waist and

stretches out and fits snugly over the rim of the kayak’s cockpit. With the

exception of sea kayaks, the interior stays dry and helps retain warmth. It

is imperative to practice capsizing and performing a wet exit if you intend

to use a spray skirt.

Some other basics that you should consider are a first aid kit, dry

storage, an extra paddle and basic rescue gear. (Note: rescue

techniques and equipment will be explained more fully in later chapters. A

list of first aid items appears in the appendices at the end of the book.).


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